ZS Textiles Kalyan Embroidered Lawn Collection 2016

Kalyan Designer Lawn 2016: Summer is considered to be the less like-able season in Asian countries, specially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. But like every other season it also has its own beauty. In Pakistan people welcomes the seasons of spring and summer in a very delightful style by celebrating Basant festival. When it comes to Basant then colours and Basant are known to be the symbol of refreshing spring season. As in any season we rearrange our closts as per the demand of the season, So this spring and summer season add some blooming hues of the season to your wardrobe that will make you feel refreshing in tiring and hot days of summer. ZS Taxtiles offers you Kalyan Spring Summer Collection 2016 to make your summers full of charm and elegance.

Just few hours ago this stunning and truly lovely range of Kalyan Lawn 2016 by ZS has been launched. This catalog of Embroidered Lawn 2016 features 11 modish designs of lawn that are available in two different colourways. ZS has adorned the dresses with detailed embroidery, printed borders, mesmerizing hues. Moreover the sophisticated designing style of ZS Textile Mills has given even more look to the dresses.

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