ZEEN Summer Lawn 2015 Volume 2 Collection with Prices

ZEEN Summer Lawn 2015 Volume 2 Collection with Prices

Experience the Mediterranean feel of zeen lawn Vol II starting 10th April @ your nearest Zeen store or shop [email protected] www.zeenwoman.com. Zeen the child Women’s Clothing label of CAMBRIDGE has launched another zealous and radiant collection of summer 2015. With colorful and beauty of patterns, this season zeen is giving you a chance to wear traditional cum contemporary lawn designs. Zeen lawn 2015-16 in vol2 is carrying thread embroidered and brilliantly printed single shirt and 3 PC unstitch suits / fabric. Which have been disclosed with creative style book or sewing ideas. Zeen women’s lawn is symbol of charm, grace and dignity is providing you relief from heat through lawn and culture elements. It is describing soothing array with signature fuse and fabulously blended geometric, floral and subtle patterns. Being a emerging high street label of women’s wear , ZEEN is reputed brand of Cambridge. It impressed the women with best quality fabric and youthful design and fresh styles in stitch and unstitch. Zeen women deals in affordable pret and unstitched fabrics. Now zeen is storing 10 new designs of spring summer lawn in outlets with vibrant and softer colors with radiance patterns. The prints are crispy and charming with imaginary styles taken from aesthetic and vintage arts. Each print is one of its kind with sharpness and motifs decoration. With breathtaking color palettes Zeen lawn vol 2 2015 is carrying blue ocean theme and fantasy of deep shades.

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