Zeen Embroidered Tunic Collection 2015

Zeen Embroidered Lawn Tunic Summer Collection 2015

Zeen launched Tunic Collection 2015 at Cambridge with beautiful Embroidered Kurtis style For Women. Though, spring season comes and goes literally once in a year, but if you are an optimistic person and want to absorb the colors and beauties of spring in your soul permanently, you have certainly many ways to do so. Of course, you can grow seasonal flowers in bulk in your house and you can change the color scheme of the curtains, carpets, bed sheets and cushions in your room every now and then according to your own choice and mood . Further, there is another very effective way to gather colors of spring around yourself is to wear colorful and well printed outfits in every season of the year. Our designers and manufacturers always remain ready to help such optimistic and happy natured girls and women by producing colorful, nicely printed and well decorated outfits for them. By putting on these outfits, you can feel a long standing and venerable colorful season lingering over the environment around yourself.Cambridge is of course, one among a host of such textile producing organizations which are serving with great dedication all the fashion and style conscious women and girls of the region by producing stylish, colorful, well-printed and embroidered outfits for them. Zeen is a brand that deals with feminine fashion introduced by Cambridge last year and since then, has released a good number of remarkably alluring sort of collections for women e.g. Zeen Summer Collection 2015 Vo1.1, Zeen Summer Collection 2015 Vol.2, First Anniversary Collection and now the same brand has brought another fantastic collection under the head of Zeen Tunic Collection 2015.
his collection is composed of nine beautifully printed and embroidered Kurti items or tunics, which are made of remarkably soft and nice lawn fabric. In these items, you are likely to see a good number of the fresh and lively colors of spring just in a single glance. Further, each and every item here in this collection is looking remarkably attractive with intricately embroidered neckline and contemporary stylish abstract, geometrical, floral as well as bohemian prints. Moreover, designer seems to have paid good amount of attention while designing to borders of these tunics as each and every tunic‘s border is very prominent and seems to have overwhelmed the entire item. For the convenience of all the fans and customers, Zeen has made these items available in both stitched and unstitched form with little difference in price. So feel yourself surrounded by the beauties of spring by putting on tunics produced by Zeen.

Contemporary Tunics Embroidered Patterns From Zeen Tunic Collection 2015

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