Zeen Eid Lawn Collection 2015 Festive Suits and Accessories

Most of the designer in the current era love to play with colors and by doing so, they often succeed in producing master pieces of textile designing art. In order to render more elegance to those master pieces, our talented fashion experts often grab the prop of different types of embroidered as well as non-embroidered embellishment and prepare dresses which can transform anybody’s otherwise ordinary appearance into a really appreciable one. Well, if you are looking for elegant outfits for oncoming Eid festival prepared by the joint efforts of remarkably talent textile as well as fashion designers, you can conveniently trust upon Cambridge. Yes, I can say so because I have recently had a closer look of Zeen Eid Collection 2015 released by Cambridge a few days earlier.

Zeen Eid Collection 2015 has brought fourteen three piece lawn dresses which are provided with either silk or chiffon beautiful Dupattas.  Though no available shirt in this collection is embellished with any sort of first hand embroidery, but for the embellishment of these nicely printed shirts, designers have added different types of extra embroidered accessories with each and every items. For instance, with some items there have been added embroidered necklines while a few items are furnished with embroidered borders. Further, items which are provided with embroidered neckline and embroidered border both, are also available in the same collection. Moreover, along with embroidered accessories, designers have added beautifully made embroidered decorative button too, with a good number of items. These beautifully designed shirts are creating a lovely match with colorful silk/chiffon Dupattas and impeccably dyed matching trousers. So have a nice look by putting on elegance in the form of lovely dresses brought by Cambridge in its Zeen Eid Collection 2015.

Remarkably Alluring Embroidered Suits From Zeen Eid Collection 2015

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