Zeen by Cambridge Midsummer Stitched Collection 2015

Get gorgeous from head to toe by the new arrivals of the timeless catalogue Zeen Mid summer Collection 2015. The summer is going to say goodbye to us and we have a better plan of saying them a good Good Bye which should be remained memorable for us till the next summers and hat exactly we will do? Yes, we will preserve restore the summer soothes and brightness in the shape of the lawn outfits in our closets, trunks and the seasonal wardrobes by loot them out from the still launching Midsummer niches of the designers and labels.
Zeen by Cambridge Midsummer Stitched Dresses collection is the proud and exciting presentation of Cambridge Pakistan which focuses upon the comfy of it outfit-ee. Master in the tailoring trade, Cambridge is the clothing franchise which has realized the up-gradation and modification of its clothing line so that it can grasp majority of the customers living in Pakistan, as not every prefers to wear west in here. Hence, for this intention, Cambridge has launched its traditional orientation of the ethnic fertility of Pakistani apparel attitude which is enriched with embroidered spice and feminine vile. Zeen by Cambridge Midsummer Collection 2015 holds the most exquisite prints and hues of the summer crisp in the 3 piece, 2 piece and the all in all tunic aspiration. Embroidered impressions are carved brilliantly with the silk thread of pastels and flamboyant tendencies, teaming up with the eye-catching but intricate and gentle contemporary floral imprints, sprouting from the sheer lawn and cotton organza with the contrasting chiffon dupattas in 3 piece patterns.

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