Thredz Women Kurta Collection 2015

As, Kurtas for both men and women are always remained in South Asian fashion in some form or the  other, so almost each and every organization which deals with ready to wear or PRET clothing items  in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, pays great heed upon the preparation and designing of different types of  KurtasThredz is one among a few leading designer brands in Pakistan which are famous for the production of stylish ready to wear or PRET Kurta Items. Along  with Kurtas for both masculine and feminine use, this organization deals with a wide selection of hand woven unstitched fabrics as well as formal wear. This organization was founded in the year 2004 and now it’s business has been expanded all over the country as well as, in a few cities of the United States of America.

Designers hired by Thredz always try to make the best use of their skills in designing various types of Kurtas to satisfy their customers and to set new fashion trends by combining traditions with modernity. That’s probably the same reason because of which different styles of Kurtas introduced by  Thredz are being extensively popular among the  people in Pakistan and abroad. For instance,  each and every item in Thredz Women  Kurta Collection 2015  is deserved to be considered  a real visual treat because of the exclusively nice cuts, magnificent neck styles, traditional cum modern way of trimming, remarkably alluring color combinations and chic prints. Though, in order to decorate this collection designers have not grabbed the prop of heavy embroidery, decorative buttons, pearls and crystals etc but they have successfully managed to put a good amount of charm in it and made it perfectly fit the use in jolly friends’ gatherings and enjoyable picnics in summer.

Digitally Printed Lawn Kurtas Thredz Kurta Collection 2015

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