Tawakkal Fabrics Sadabhaar Eid Kurti Eid Rang Lawn Collection 2015

Tawakkal Fabrics Eid Rang Signature Lawn Collection 2015

Though spring season comes only once in a year but the beauties derived from this season  can be seen here, there  and everywhere all over the year. Really impressed by the overwhelming charm of this season our fashion artists create amazing designs of cloths and mesmerize countless beholders and users. Recently, the key designers of Tawakkal Fabrics (Sahahid Tawakkal and Sohail Tawakkal ) have created a great manifestation of the  unprecedented beauties and freshness of  the year’s most beautiful season in the form of a wonderful Kurti collection that has been launched under the head of Sadabhaar Kurti Eid Collection 2015.

Sadabhaar Kurti Eid Collection 2015 presented by Tawakkal Fabrics is no doubt a perfect illustration of it’s own name, simply because, it has brought the items which  can be used quiet conveniently all over the year. Yes,  you can put on these Sadabahar (Evergreen) Kurtis happily and confidently  in summer,  winter, spring and autumn without any physical irritation or mental hesitation because the fabric that has been used in the preparation of these Kurtis in neither too thin  and nor too thick.  Further, all the printed patterns as well as the  lovely hues which can be seen in this collection are clearly reminding us of the perfumed breeze, blooming roses, murmuring blue streams, fresh and shiny green buds on the bare branches of the trees, and above all, red, yellow, white, orange, blue, purple and pink small spring flowers dancing and moving to and fro.  Along with strikingly lovely hues and chic printed patterns, in this collection you can see embroidered embellishment too, either in the from of extra embroidered accessories (e.g. embroidered necklines, embroidered front panels, embroidered Pattis,  embroidered borders and embroidered motifs etc. ) or in the form of first hand embroidery on the front of the Kurtis. So on the grand festival of Eid-ul-Fitr,  have a permanent spring season around yourself by putting on these exclusively nicely designed Kurtis or tunics from Sadabhaar Kurti Eid Collection 2015.

Tawakkal Fabrics Eid Rang Signature Lawn Collection 2015

Magnificent Kurti Designs From Sadabhaar Kurti Eid Collection 2015 Designed By Shahid & Sohail Tawakkal


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