Tawakkal Fabrics Posh & Legacy Festive Lawn Eid Collection 2015

Tawakkal Fabrics Posh Eid Collection 2015

Tawakkal Fabrics Legacy Festive Lawn Collection 2015

These days, when Eid-ul-Fitr is not far away, demand for stylish and comfortable dresses is getting increased with every passing moment. In order to satiate this increasing demand, most of the manufacturers are trying their best to put forth elegant collections composed of fancy summer dresses very frequently. For instance, right after the successful launch  of  an awesome Eid collection called Posh Eid Collection 2015, which was  designed by Shahid Tawakkal, our favorite  textile goods producer Tawakkal Fabrics has started preparation for  the launch of another  almost equally lovely, but slightly different embroidered Eid collection, this time designed by Sohail Tawakkal, under the title of Legacy Festive Lawn Collection 2015.

Legacy Festive Lawn Collection 2015 is relatively small in size as compare to the Posh Eid Collection 2015, simply because it is likely to carry less than twenty dresses. Well, if you like the dresses which render equal beauty from the both back and front sides, you will must like this collection because along with nicely dyed or magnificently printed trousers and awesome silk or chiffon Dupattas, this collection is going to bring  lovely shirts which will certainly look almost equally magnificent from the  back and front  both because of having elegant embroidered necklines on the front, while exclusively eye catching prominent printed patterns on the backs.  Further, color combinations which you are likely find in here are despite being really traditional, giving this collection a glamorous and modish look, that is precisely why, women and girls of different age groups are going to find the dresses of their own choice out of this collection quiet conveniently. So if you have not bought your Eid dresses so far, don’t forget to think about the beautiful dresses from Legacy Festive Lawn Collection 2015 which have already been  designed by Sohail Tawakkal and going to be available in the market really very soon.

Embroidered Lawn Suits From Legacy Festive Lawn Collection 2015 Designed By Sohail Tawakkal

Tawakkal Fabrics Posh Eid Collection 2015 Designed By Shahid Tawakkal


Each and every fabric has its own good characteristics and it is to manipulate it properly and make the  best out of it  is the responsibility of a good fashion designer. These days  we can notice the presence of a host of talented  fashion designers around us  who are making really sophisticated use of two or more than two totally different fabrics in the preparation of a single outfit and putting forth fantastic outcome. Yes, the use of two or more than two totally different fabrics in a single dress has become a vogue  in feminine fashion, that is probably the same reason because of which you can notice that  the summer dress produced by different manufactures  are usually bringing lawn or Swiss voile shirts, silk or chiffon Dupattas and cotton trousers while most of the fancy dresses  are turning out to be the sophisticated blends of silk, chiffon, organza and  velvet etc. Well, our dear Shahid Tawakkal  has  recently displayed his impeccable artistic talent by  combining two utterly different fabrics (lawn and chiffon) very expertly in the form of a  magnificent Eid Collection named Posh Eid Collection 2015.

Posh Eid Collection 2015 by Tawakkal Fabrics is composed of more than twenty unstitched lawn dresses which are looking more than lovely with excessively decorated shirts in which you can see prominently embroidered beautiful necklines, heavily embellished Damaans, nicely designed sleeves and lovely and intricate front and back embroidered motifs. These dresses  are available in various lovely hues (including beige, onion pink, faded red, turquoise, scarlet, navy, maroon, bright yellow, rose pink and black etc) which are combined with  elegant polka dots, awesome batik and a bit strange bohemian patterns, turning this collection into a master piece of textile as well as fashion designing art remarkably successfully.  So have a ravishing and mesmerizing appearance on Eid day by adorning your outward self with any dress from Tawakkal Fabrics‘ Posh Eid Collection 2015.

Three Piece Fancy Lawn Dresses From Posh Eid Collection 2015 Designed By Tawakkal Fabrics

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