Tabassum Mughal Luxury Formal Collection 2016 by Al-Zohaib Textile

Tabassum Mughal by “Al-Zohaib Textile” Luxury Formal Collection 2016: Nowadays the concept of wearing luxury designer wear is a symbol of status. There is no easy way to show and convey your fashion taste through your fashionable designer wear. Because these dresses are designed and made in a charming yet quite unique and praiseworthy manner that not only create an special feeling in wearer personality also makes them stand out in the crowed. Here are we  brought an inspiring designer wear collection which surely will depict your taste of fashion in the clutter, parties and gathering. Recently Al-Zohaib has introduced some significance and falwless trends in Pakistani formal dresses with the coloration of Tabassum Mughal. After wearing of these luxury formals you will defiantly  feel difference from other and achieve your task with great enthusiasm. The most recent Tabassum Mughal Luxury Formal Collection 2016 by Al-Zohaib Textile is mix and match with our culture ethos, adhering to modern fashion style. Highly exquisite embroidered chiffon, silk, velvet and net dresses can be seen in this collection. These Tabassum Mughal Formal dresses carry artistic form of crafts done by thread and needle with fine finish. Each piece of Tabassum Mughal Winter Fomral 2016 has been designed with care and special skill to provide you best ever fashion in Pakistan which compete global standard.

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