Sobia Nazir Pret Collection 2015 – Ready To Wear Dresses

Sobia Nazir is a remarkably talented  fashion designer of Pakistan who has a perfectly clear idea about how to blend eastern beauties with western glamour very effectively to generate masterpieces of textile as well as fashion designing arts.  She keeps on displaying her talent in the domain of feminine fashion every now and then in the form of elegant  collections composed of sometime unstitched and sometime ready to wear or PRET clothing items for women. Almost a month after the successful launch of her lawn collection named Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015, she has done another great job by releasing another awesome collection under the head of Sobia Nazir Pret Collection 2015.

This collection is composed of ready to wear or PRET clothing items for women, in which she has combined very expertly various lovely patterns  borrowed from the west with the traditional eastern patterns. For instance, by casting a single glance over the prints of most of the tunics (which have been included in this collection) you can feel a cool air and dampness of Scandinavian territories and romantic softness of the mid-summer breeze  of England combined with the magnificent South Asian floral as well as geometrical patterns. Almost all the items in this collection have tunics with considerably prominent necklines either because of  nicely woven ribbon laces or  very nicely done embroidery. Like necklines, Damaans too, are very well embellished with the same sort of ribbon laces of embroidered patterns. Further, trousers which have been added in this collection with the  tunics are also very nicely designed and embellished with either  intricately made Coreshia laces or embroidered motifs . These trousers are no doubt looking awesome  combined with stylishly designed ,well trimmed and  nicely stitched tunics. So be ready for shop as this elegant collection is going to be available in the market from May 18th 2015.

Stylish Eastern Outfits From Sobia Nazir Pret Collection 2015

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