Shariq Textiles Sabeen Pasha Winter Collection 2016

Sabeen Pasha Winter Embroidered Dresses 2016 with Khaddar Shawls: Advancement in modern technology and the excessive use of internet has shrunken the distances between the cities, states, regions and countries; in short internet has converted this earth planet into the global village. As the distances has shrunken therefore people living in one city shows their keen interest in the living style of the masses of another city. If we take a look on Pakistani population we will find that female community of Pakistan is more than the male community and if we moves towards the females interest than we will never amaze by finding the keen interest of majority of the females in fashion. That is why the fashion industry of Pakistan is getting more and more popular with each passing day and more new faces are joining this field to bring something new. Today we also have a collection that is designed by Sabeen Pasha. Sabeen Pasha is a very new name is fashion and she has designed her debut collection with Shariq Textile for winter season under the title of Sabeen Pasha Winter Collection 2015-2016.

Sabeen has offered 20 plus immaculate designs of ethnic embroidery with stunning hues. Some shirts are garnished with detailed thread work where as some are adorned with light embroidery. Sabeen has focused the necklines and sleeves of some shirts for the nourishment with embroidery whereas some shirts are ornamented with heavy embroidery on the back sides. Sabeen has flourished Semi-formal cum casual Embroidered Winter Dresses with Khaddar Shawl with such a chromatic beauty of embroidery and prints that it becomes difficult for the viewers to identify where the embroidery ends and from where prints start. To provide comfy to the trend followers in the freezing temperature of January Sabeen has paired Khaddar Shawls so that they can fulfill their utmost desire of wearing Designer wear and can get warm feelings by wrapping their selves with Khaddar Shawls. So ladies start count down on your fingers as there are few days left to approach an enthusiastic cum sophisticated fashion catalogue.

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