Shariq Textile Wardah Saleem Eid Collection 2015

All the women and girls of South Asian region who love to have their wardrobes  totally packed  with new and stylish dresses, love Shariq Textile a lot because this organization never let its customers wait a lot for new collection  after the release of any collection. Of course, In order to beautify and stylize the traits  of our female friends, Shariq Textile’s untiring efforts are really appreciable. Designers hired by this organization keep on working really diligently to put forth amazing outcome that not only satisfies  countless customers and fans quite easily but at the same time proves to be a  new trend  in the world of South Asian fashion which most of the people love to follow.

These days, when Eid festival is not far away and  most of the people are making plans for early Eid shopping so that they could spend most of their time in the holy month of Ramadan offering prayers and reciting holy Quran, Shariq Textile is playing a vital role in the production and supply of fancy feminine dresses in the market so that our female friends could find dresses of their own choice quite easily a month before Eid. Yes,we can say so because this organization has released three awesome Eid collections so far almost a month and half before Eid. The features of the previously released collections (Ayesha Chottani Eid Collection 2015 & Feminine Designer Embroidered Eid Collection 2015) I have already described in my earlier posts, while the features of the third and the newest collection (Wardah Saleem Eid Collection 2015) I am going to describe in the current post.

Wardah Saleem Eid Collection 2015 is composed of  almost fifteen three piece items which are despite being made of lawn fabric, perfectly fit to be used on Eid day. In this collection you can find all the shirts having really heavily embellished fronts with nice looking machine embroidery and remarkably nicely designed Damaans. Further, prints which can be seen in this collection are based on traditional floral, geometrical, bohemian patterns and polka dots, while a few  nice looking dresses with eye catching cheetah print are also available in the same collection. All the items in this collection are provided with nicely dyed Shalwars or trousers and beautiful and gorgeous chiffon Dupattas. Moreover, colors which have been used in this collection are perfect illustrations of tranquility of summer  afternoons and flowery fragrance of  occasional but cool  breeze of usually hot and sultry  summer nights. So have a perfect Eid festival filled with comfort and elegance with Shariq Textile.

Beautifully Embroidered Lawn Dresses From Wardah Saleem Eid Collection 2015

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