Shariq Textile Farah Leghari Lawn Eid Collection 2015

Farah Leghari Eid Ul Fitr Prints 2015 by Shariq: Here is another top rated collection of the season that will not only make your festive wardrobe adorable and also will be light to your pocket. Only Shariq textile can give such a treat to their customers by introducing Designer Lawn dresses in unbelievable prices. Farah Leghari and Shariq Textile are working together from many years and now these two giants are considered as the best designer and textile company of Pakistan. Like always this festive season Shariq has also introduced its joyful designs of Festive Lawn 2015 by Farah Leghari. Few days ago Shariq amazed everyone by reveling the collection of Wardha Salim and now they are going to give tough competition to other brands with their two must have catalogs of Eid Ul Fitr. First of all let’s have a closer look at the collection below to know what Shariq and Farah has brought for us.
Well Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015, is implemented with chic inspired colourful and finest prints on printed lawn outfits that are designed subtly and decently with the lively shades of pink, blue, old and raoyal, brown, golden, silver, elegant black, playful yellow, magenta, red and green employed with tailoring twists and designing style. Shariq Farah Leghari Festive Lawn 2015 dresses are full of attractie shades and classy prints that are perfect to wear on the frst day of Eid. Moreover to make the collection different from other designers Farah Leghari has filled these dresses with contemporary yet intricate designs that look perfect in any season. This whole new collection would make your Eid-ul-fitr more glorious and memorable with its exaggerating embellishment, versatile designs and astonishing tinctures of nature. to see the collection with your own very eyes, just scroll down to see the full catalogue.

With  each and every passing day, Eid festival is getting nearer and people’s enthusiasm toward this festival is getting increased. As most of the people in Pakistan prefer to buy dresses for Eid almost a month before Ramadan , so our designers and manufactures always try their best to prepare and  put fourth elegant fancy dresses in  bulk in the market before Ramadan  so that, their countless fans and lovers could have their Eid dresses ready on time. Shariq Textile is of course,  one among those manufactures who care their customers a lot.  Yes, we can say so because this organization is playing a really active part in providing proper Eid dresses to the customers by launching elegant Eid collections really  frequently. After the remarkably successful release of three magnificent Eid collections called Ayesha Chottani  Eid Collection 2015, Feminine Designer Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 and Wardah Saleem Eid Collection 2015 , this great diversity seeker ( Shariq Textile) is once again in the limelight by revealing its intention about the release of another  awesome collection called Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015.

In Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015, manufacturer has included almost fifteen magnificently designed lawn dresses which are looking really cool with  remarkably beautiful shirts (characterized by heavily embroidered necklines and nicely designed plackets, sleeves and Damaans), exclusively nicely printed chiffon Dupattas and dyed trousers or Shalwars.  Embroidery which can be seen in this collection is mostly based on excessively chic sort of floral patterns while geometrical and bohemian patterns too, can  be seen in the same collection in either printed or embroidered form. Further, as most of the women prefer to use soft and light shade of different colors in summer instead of excessively vibrant shades, so the designer  seems to have refrained from the use of vibrant shades in this collection with the exception of a few dresses in which we can notice the overwhelming presence of bright yellow and turquoise.  So, if you want to have your Eid dress ready on time, don’t overlook the lovely dresses Shariq Textile is about to bring in its Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015.

Highly Embellished Lawn Suits From Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

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