Satrangi Black & White Collection 2015-16

Bonanza is back again with a rich collection of Monochrome love for upcoming season of Muharram. A few years back Bonanza was only famous for the menswear and sweaters but since last 10 years it has been working for the women’s too and now it has made reliable place in women’s clothing too. Bonanza always tries to introduce something new in fashion industry by launching various products like shirts, Trousers, Shalwar suit, Kurta shalwar, Sweaters and many more.

Regarding Monochrome Love recently Bonanza has launched a special catalogue of black and white dresses under the tag of Bonanza Black & White Cambri 2015. As the upcoming month is Moharam-ul-Haram and every community of Pakistan tries to wear black and white dresses during this season therefore many designers and brands designs dresses in black and white combination as per demand of the masses but now bonanza has changed the trend by using different colors and shades in contrast with black and white.

If we took a look at the catalogue of Bonanza Winter collection Black and White Cambric 2015 we will find some very attractive and unique features, Bonanza has used grey, maroon, purple, blue, sea green and some other soothing shades with black and white color in contrast. Mostly shirts are designed in Kurti style with Boarders and panel style in printing. Moreover the designers has enhanced the charisma of shirts with detailed embroidery on necklines and sleeves.

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