Sapphire Unstitched Fall Cambric Collection / Catalog 2016-17 Online

Sapphire Cambric Mid Summer Dresses Collection 2016-17: Khadijah Shah is a very prominent name of Pakistan fashion industry. She is very famous for her unique and rich designing styles. Elan by Khadijah Shah is one of them top selling brand of Pakistan, and the credit goes to one and only Khadijah Shah. Few hours ago, Khadijah Shah has revealed her Sapphire Fall Cambric 2016 for women. This is an amazing and colorful collection of sapphire Textiles  which is include wide range of two and 3 piuece cambric dresses that are embellished with various designs of intricate prints and finest embroidery. All the dresses of this Sapphire Unstitched Fall Cambric Collection 2016 are available in un-stitched versions. The designer has adorned all the dresses with top notch and timeless designs and highlighted them with amazing hues and attractive colour palettes. Sapphire Eiud Ul Azha 2016 dresses are made with high quality fabrics and these dresses will look amazing if you pair them with decent and trendy jewelry. Check this amazing and exclusive designs of Sapphire  below.

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