Sana Samia Mid Summer Cotton Collection 2015-16 by Lala

Sana & Samia Cotton Prints 2015-16: The heat of midsummer can spoil your overall look, unless you choose the best or most appropriate clothes that is made to beat the sun rays. I think staying fashionable and stylish during the sizzling summer or midsummer season is considered an equipoise act between staying comfortable and looking awesome. Hence! today the most renowned Pakistani clothing label LALA Textile has launched its distinct style of Sana & Samia Midsummer Cotton Collection for Eid Ul Azha by Lala, in which you will find extremely stylish and colorful prints that made of cotton to beat the heat. These Sana & Samia Cotton Prints will give you adorable look with cool and comfortable feel at the same time. For this midsummer collection 2015 Lala has chosen two or more than two vivid and vibrant color combination theme along with rich delicate prints that add a touch of glamour into their designs. Sana & Samia by Lala Eid Ul Azha Cotton Prints 2015-16 include amazing 3-PC cotton suits variety along with some timeless black and white patterns that not affected by the passage of time.  These sana samia dresses filled with all chic, trendy and enduring  features  along with modern tailoring details in order to make the collection lavish.

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