Sana Safinaz Ready To Wear Silk Tunics 2015

Sana Safinaz Summer Tunics 2015-16

Remarkable softness, shimmer and gorgeousness are the three main features which make silk fabric unique and expensive. These are probably the same features because of which apparels made of silk used to be everyday attire of most of the aristocrats of the old Ottoman and Mughal dynasties. Though in the current era, most of the men have completely abandoned the use of the outfits made of silk, but this fabric is still tremendously popular among both eastern and western women. Of course, any formal feminine dress seems incomplete without the noticeable inclusion of the magnificent silk fabric. In Europe, most of the women love to wear skirts, blouses, robes and boleros made of silk while in east, especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, all the women enthusiastically wear Sarees, Ghararas, Lehengas, kurtas and Chori Daars made of this magnificent fabric to celebrate different festivals (e.g. Eid -ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Holli, Deewali and Besakhi etc) or to participate in different important ceremonies including weddings, Mehendis and Valeemas.

As, tunics or Kurtis are getting extremely popular among all the girls of the region these days, so our favorite fashion icon Sana Safinaz has decided to use gorgeous and shimmering silk fabric in the production of tunics. A few days earlier they have released a collection composed of a variety of ready to wear feminine tunics made of silk under the title of Sana Safinaz Ready to Wear Silk Tunics 2015.
In this collection there have included almost thirteen magnificent items which have been designed very nicely and carefully, so are perfectly fit for the semi formal use in summer evenings though, in fully air conditioned environment. A few tunics in this collection are embellished with bright colored hem on neck , Damaan and sleeves, while the rest are provided with elegant belts. Pieces of silk fabric which have been used in the preparation of these tunics are characterized by lovely floral, geometrical and abstract printed patterns and bright and awesome shades of various primary as well as secondary colors. Further, in the same collection you are likely to find the items embellished with excessively alluring sort of appliqué work. So wrap silk around yourself in the form of elegant tunics designed by Sana Safinaz and let everybody appreciate your traits.

Alluring Ready To Wear Silk Tunics by Sana Safinaz Silk Tunic Collection 2015

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