Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Collection 2015 For Women

Muslin is a very soft and fine fabric that used to be very popular among the thin and delicate poets of old  Lakhnau and Akbarabad (Agra). This fabric is still considerably popular among both men and women in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Men usually  love to wear  Kurtas made of this fabric in summer so that  the thinness and softness of this fabric could protect them from the intense heat of the atmosphere, while the Indian and Bangladeshi women love to wear vibrantly printed but  comfortable Sarees made of the same  fabric. In Pakistan though, Dupattas made of pure white muslin fabric are the  core part of all the school and college girls’ uniform, but the feminine dresses made of this  fabric are of course, very rarely seen.But the old scenario is going  to be changed  now  as  our remarkably talented and  the expert of feminine clothing Sana Safinaz  has made a successful attempt to manipulate and stylize this fabric and  to make it perfect for the use of all  the fashion and style conscious girls and women of the region. Yes, Sana Safinaz has recently released  a magnificent collection composed of ten very expertly designed two piece (Kurta and Dupatta)  items, made of thin and soft but superb quality muslin fabric. This collection has been released for some reason or the other, under the head of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection 2015 instead of Muslin Collection.

Well, in this collection designers have displayed their expertise both in prints and embroidery as there can be seen Turkish iznik motifs, sub continental paisley, geometrical primitives and  lovely floral designs both in printed as well as embroidered form.  Some of the items in this collection are perfectly fit for the  formal use because of being  magnificently embellished with glimmering gold Tilla embroidery on both shirts and Dupattas. Further, these designers  have paid exclusive heed upon the designing of Dupattas as most of the Duppats in this collection are looking considerably different from the shirts, as far as prints are concerned, but at the same time looking remarkably alluring and flawless.

Embroidered Two Piece Summer Dresses From  Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection 2015

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