Sana Safinaz Eid-Ul-Azha Ready to Wear Collection 2015

This Eid-ul-Azha get a little bit groomed with the blossom-ness of Sana Safinaz Ready-to-Wear 2015. Weather is an active agent which plays its role vigilantly and in a fulfilling manner to channel the new ways for the fashion artisan to modify and innovate their clothing items in a better and more appealing ways. The changing weather helps the designers to think vividly and widely about what should be included or excluded from their seasonal portfolio. For this, they take the inspiration from the Mother Nature and its offspring, seasons, which brings their respective colors and motifs to get inspired with. Every designers is meant to take the muse form the season, and they do in a great extent to attract their customers to make them buy their clothes.
Sana-Safinaz is the worth-mentioning label which crafts its niches on the same encouragement and spur taken form the altering weather phenomena. They have recently added their Eid inclusion of the Sana Safinaz Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2015 in their sartorial portfolio which is a festive projection of the embroidered luxury stitched and unstitched tunics with feast-your-eyes-on floral and paisley embroidered designs and contrasting and complementing autumnal and midsummer hues with regal chiffon, silk and chiffon net organza for the fluxing embellishments. Prettiness holds the control of this wardrobe with the companionship of elegance and delicacy.

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