Samia Ahmed Festive Block Prints Collection 2015

Dress designing is not an easy task, as you have to be creative minded to introduce unique designs. This festive season we have seen only few collections that were different from the rest while mostly collections were same. Today we are going to share a collection that is totally out of the box and features such designs that are beyond of our expectations. This is Samia Ahmed’s block prints 2015. Samia Ahmed is back in business with her mind blowing designs of hand block prints 2015. Recently the magnificent fashion icon of Pakistan has reveled her luxurious range of block printed dresses that are designed in western inspired designs. She went to Thailand Krabi for the shot of her upcoming sheer collection. Samia Ahmed Silk Block Prints Eid Catalog 2015 features some eye catching designs of block printed shirts that are garnished with intricate needle work and luxe designs style. Moreover the high quality silk fabric has also given sheer look to the dresses. Mostly dresses are inspired from the west but it also has some eastern modified designs that go perfect with the festival of Eid Ul Fitr. From front open jacket shirts to skirt and top many sizzling style of festive attires are the part of this catalog.
Samia Ahmed Eid Block Prints 2015 are flamboyantly impression with the signature hand block prints along with earthy needle-work stitchery and vivid tinctures of revel mehndi, the sheer silk outfits are marked with the detailed embellishments of stones, gilded silk threads, and pearls. Samia Ahmed Signature Lux Eid Collection 2015 this celebratory wardrobe is a remarkable and distinct treat to your elegant taste with a trendy outlook of juvenility.

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