Rujhan Fabrics Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol.4 Swiss Voile / Lawn Dresses

Rujhan Fabrics Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol.4 Swiss Voile / Lawn Dresses

Rujhan Fabrics Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol.4 Swiss Voile / Lawn DressesA few weeks earlier Rujhan Fabrics released an elegant Eid collection named Festivna Eid Collection 2015. That collection gained immense popularity among the masses immediately after its release and people began to look toward Rujhan Fabrics for more collections. In order to give due respect to the people’s consistent expectations, management of Rujhan Fabrics decided to launch another remarkably alluring sort of Eid collection called Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol .4.

Under the head of  Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 4, there are available sixteen remarkably magnificent fancy dresses made of Swiss voile and chiffon. All the items in this collection are furnished with beautiful shirts which are embellished with intricately embroidered necklines and beautifully printed or embroidered borders. With a few items, designers have added nicely designed sleeves made of soft and nice Swiss voile fabric while the rest of the items in the same collection  are provided with heavily embroidered sleeves made of thin and gorgeous chiffon fabric. Further, highly embroidered shirts which are fully made of chiffon fabric are also available in Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 4 along with dyed matching slips.

As this collection is composed of three piece dresses so along with shirt, each and every item is provided with a nicely dyed Shalwar (made of Swiss voile) and a nicely printed and embroidered beautiful Dupatta (made of either Swiss voile or chiffon). Moreover, in this collection there can be seen a host of really adorable color combinations too (e.g. designers have really expertly combined cream yellow with bright orange, faded red and dark green with beige, peach with black and shocking pink, navy with red,  bright pink with light yellow, faded maroon with silvery white and bright turquoise with black and yellow). In short, this collection has countless features which can give you  a lovely and breathtaking appearance on Eid day. So, don’t wait anymore, select any dress from Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 4  and make your Eid beautiful and  memorable.

Embroidered Suits Made Of Chiffon & Swiss Voile From Zunia Eid Collection 2015 By Rujhan Fabrics

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