Rujhan Fabrics Raniya Embroidered Festive Collection 2015 Vol.4

Rujhan Fabrics Raniya Embroidered Festive Collection 2015 Vol.4

A few weeks earlier Rujhan Fabrics released to awesome Eid collections under the titles of  Festivna Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 3 and Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 4. Both of these collections succeeded in getting considerable popularity among the women of the region and sold out immediately after their arrivals in the market. Though, the immediate sale of these two collections makes Rujhan Fabrics feel elated upon itself , but  a host of women who intended to buy their Eid  dresses out of the same  two collections, got extremely disappointed having realized that their favorite suits had been sold out so quickly. Luckily, Rujhan Fabrics felt their disappointment and decided to launch another collection under the head of Raniya Embroidered  Festive Collection 2015 Vol. 4.

Raniya Embroidered Festive Collection 2015 Vol. 4 is composed of almost fifteen embroidered three piece lawn dresses which are of course, as much beautiful as the ones Rujhan Fabrics has included in its previously released Eid collections. One of the most important features of  this collection is that, here designers hired by Rujhan Fabrics have presented simple and traditional floral, abstract as well as  geometrical patterns in a remarkably innovative way, with the help of amazing color combinations.  As far as embroidered embellishment in the same collection is concerned, you can see here traditional sub continental paisley, floral as well as a bit strange bohemian patterns intricately embroidered on necklines, Damaans, sleeves and on   the backs of the shirts. Further,  in the same collection, with nicely printed and heavily embroidered fancy shirts, there have been added nicely dyed matching trousers and beautifully printed chiffon Dupattas which are jointly  making this collection really outstanding . So if you are among the women who intended to buy dresses from  Festivna Eid Collection 2015 Vol.3 or Zunia Eid Collection 2015 Vol.4, but got disappointed because of the immediate sale of both of the collections, kindly discard your disappointment away and select any nice dress  from Raniya Embroidered  Festive Collection 2015 Vol.4.

Embroidered Lawn Suits With Chiffon Dupattas From Raniya Embroidered Festive Collection 2015 By Rujhan Fabrics

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