Reeva Eid Embroidered Collection 2015-16 by Shariq Textiles

 Shariq Reeva Eid Ul Fitr Collection 2015-16: With the arrival of Eid 2015 we can see the huge range of eid collection; that are coming on the screen of fashion one after another.Every designer and clothing brands is trying to bring creativity in their eid designs that will catch everyone’s attention. Recently Shariq Textile has introduced its one more eid 2015 collection. Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015-16 by Shariq is an elegant and refined allure with the greatness of meticulous designs. The designers of Shariq has used light and dark colour combination with exiquiste embroidery and motifs work to make the dresses best to wear at Eid Milan Parties, and formal gathering. Reeva Designer Embroidered Eid Collection 2015-16 offers 3 piece lawn suits with chiffon dupatta. The material is very soft and comfy that not only give you  agreeable look at the same time protect your body against harmful sun-rays. Reeva Eid Lawn 2015-16 is truly rich and filled with all the delicious flavoursl ike  dark subtle hues, trendy and chic designs, versatile patterns, appealing prints and & different objects sty up a has set up a new trend for Eid 2015.  Shariq textile has used good quality fabrics and items which are the key factor to getting the finest look of design.

In fact God has created countless beautiful things around us in the world and each and every living as well as non living creature has at least one enormously beautiful feature associated with itself. For instance, some flowers looks beautiful just because of lovely hues while the rest are loved by a host of people because of sweet fragrance.  In the same way, some people looks beautiful because of unblemished fair skin, pretty eyes and delicate lips, while some people are extremely loved by countless people because of their wonderful abilities, good ethics and selflessness.  Of course, it is not very difficult to gain love, respect and appreciation from all sides by beautifying your inward as well as outward self. In order to beautify your inward self you need to have nothing but a polite tongue, a sensible mind and a soft heart, while in order to beautify your outward self you can use quality cosmetics as well as suitable dresses.

Pakistani people, especially women, are lucky enough to have countless versatile textile manufacturing organizations  around which always remain busy  producing quality textile which play a  vital role in the enhancement of their beauty.  Shariq Textile is one among those well reputed Pakistan based textile producing units which keep on providing  quality product on reasonable rates to its customers all over  the year . For instance,  for the oncoming Eid festival, this organization has launched  five elegant collections composed of lovely and comfortable fancy dresses. Out of those five collections, the features of  the four  collections (including Ayesha Chottani Eid Collection 2015, Feminine Designer Embroidered Collection 2015, Wardah Saleem Eid Collection2015 and  Farah Leghari Eid Collection 2015)  I have already described in my earlier posts, while in the current post I am going to describe the features of the fifth one named  Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015.

Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 has been released yesterday, on June 18, 2015 and carried within itself twenty two  elegant three piece lawn dresses. Each and every dress in this collection is going to be looked magnificent because of nicely designed shirts which are  either embellished with heavy embroidery on necklines and Damaans or provided with extra embroidered necklines, borders and motifs.  Further, with each item there is available a beautiful pair of sleeves which is characterized by lovely print which is totally different from the one you can see on the shirt. Dupattas, which have been included in this collection are made of very soft and light chiffon fabric and looking really cool because of being adorned with  colorful and lovely printed patterns. Moreover, despite being really traditional, all the color combinations are making this collection very special and going to give you a ravishing look like the mysterious but pretty wood nymphs of Greek & Roman  Mythologies. So, let Shariq Textile enhance your looks by putting on any dress from Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015.

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