Reem Leather Peach Pashmina Shawl Collection 2016-17 by Charizma

Charizma Leather Peach with Pashmina Shawl Collection 2016-17: She-styles team loves to fill your winter closet with great and amazing variety that suits everyone individual. It’s our team aim that we provide fast service and exclusive collections at first before the launching. Here are we present with one more superb and luxury leather peach dresses variety that not only mesmerize your eyes as well as give you sophistication, style and elegance at the same time. Charizma “REEM Beauty Blizzard” Winter Collection 2016-17 Vol-1 is based on high quality pure leather peach, pashmina and velvet fabrics along with rich details, delicate embellishments and affordable prices. In this Charizma Reem Vol-1 collection you can see 2 different style of leather peach designs but the price are same. Just to fulfill the buyers demand and requirements House of Charizma has introduced Pashmina shawls. Some dresses are paired with Printed shawl and some are include embroidered shawl along with velvet sleeves. After wearing of these stylish, warm, and comfortable Charizma Winter Vol-1 Leather Peach dresses you will enjoy the breezy days of winter. Charizma Leather Peach 2016 with Pashmina Shawl Collection features 11 mind blowing printed and embroidered dress designs that are adorned with signature style of Charizma by Riaz art, modern trends, our culture ethos and some sizzling and catchy flavors.

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