RajBari Embroidered Silk Karandi Winter Collection 2015 Vol-2 with Shawls

RajBari Embroidered Silk Karandi Winter Dress Collection 2015 Vol-2 with Pashmina Shawl

If you’re excited for upcoming December and paying attention on new fashion then you’ve noted that romance and harmony of colors and prints is very different. With the certain change in climate; Pakistani brands has set their designology according to the weather. And what is best than darker and warm hues for cooler evenings? and if it has little amount of crispness then we easily get the designed thrill in mood in even dull days. As dry and cool breeze is signalling that winter is in your town so start the style war and hunt your dresses for winter arrival. So let’s go for shopping online for new year party of November weekend. Almost all your favorite brands have huge stock in stores of volume 1 but Rajbari has another beautiful winter vol2. Rajbari has outburst delectable silk karandi collection for on going cold temperature.

RajBari Fall Winter Collection 2015 Volume-2

Rajbari has offered new casual and semi formal evening wear after excellent sale of linen pashmina. The new sensational and bold line of Rajbari is based on botanical and autumnal patterns amalgamated beautifully in winter hues with extra focus on elegance and glamour. Rajbari infused light and dark shades by employing bold and radiant appeal. Rajbari has especially drawn silk karandi pashmina shawls in grey, black, red, yellow and blue shades with calm hues and made a simply delicious casual wear. With the burst of remarkable patterns like blocks, geometric and floral with sharp edges; Rajbari has made the winter premium luxury embroidered collection a all time favorite style. Moreover combination of opulence with comfort in form of silk karandi fabric pair with pashmina shawl and embroideries work over it turning it into exceptional trend.

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