Parisha Swiss Embroidered Collection 2016 Vol-6

If we look back into the era of last two decades we will find that since last two decades Pakistan fashion industry is progressing day after a day. There was a time when Pakistani fashion and textile industry has no place in international markets and the poor Pakistani masses did not have any idea about the fashion. And that was creating negative impact of Pakistan in front of other developed nations rather if we connect it to the living styles of poor Pakistani nation or we discuss it towards Pakistan economy. From every aspect Pakistan was facing a lot of problems and these critical situations awaken the intellectuals of Pakistan fashion industry who have flourished the fashion industry by putting their best efforts. Now Pakistani fashion products are not only in demand in Pakistani markets but they have got their own particular place in international markets. People belonging to different regions and areas are showing their great interest in the clothing designs of Pakistan fashion industry in this way intellectuals of Pakistan fashion industry are not only raising the economy of Pakistan but side by side they are improving the living standards of their nation.

Rujhan fabric is one of the emerging fashion brands who have joined the fashion house of Pakistan a couple of years before to win this venture on international level. In a very limited duration it has flashed the fashion screen of Pakistan by bringing ethnic cum snazzy costumes. And for this December Rujhan fabric has displayed Parisha Swiss Embroidery Collection 2015-16 Vol-6 for the fashion lovers. The designing team has decorated each ensemble by collaborating our traditional art of embroidery with dramatic prints in an outstanding way where as tailoring designs are totally reflecting eastern touch as mostly dresses contains long shirts with bottoms and dupatta.

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