Orients Best Lawn Kurtis for Summer 2015

Orient Kurti Collection 2015: Foundation stone of Orient Textile Mills was laid in 1990s’, while this great innovation seeker textile producing organization started its operations in the year 2000. This organization processes raw cotton with great care and transforms it first of all into semi finished goods and then by applying various modern and innovative means, covert those semi finished goods into final product. Recently, this organization has started to introduce its product in the international market and proudly getting enthusiastic response from the buyers. For instance, they are currently enjoying the increasing demand of their recently introduced embroidered summer Kurtis (tunics) in Pakistan and abroad. These Kurtis have been brought out under the title of Orient Textile Kurti Kaleidoscope 2015. Though, Orients Lawn Kurti for Summer 2015 has carried a host of unembroidered Kurtis too along with embroidered Kurtis, but in this post I have decided to describe the features of embroidered Kurtis only and unembroidered Kurtis I intend to save for my oncoming post. All the embroidered Kurtis brought by Orient have been designed with great sophistication and characterized by various exclusively sumptuous embroidery styles. Some of the Kurtis are embellished with intricately embroidered neckline only while a few are looking remarkably cool with the addition of magnificent embroidered appliqué work. Further, Best Lawn Kurtis for Young Girls are looking awesome with fully embroidered fronts including a stylish embroidered neckline and heavily embroidered, very prominent Damaan. Along with machine embroidery, here you can find a few specimens of elegant hand embroidery too. Though most of the items here are made of soft and fine high quality lawn fabric but there have been included in the same collection, a few items which are made of exclusively eye catching and nicely woven jacquard fabric which is undoubtedly going to be proved as much comfortable as lawn in the hot summer season. In order to make selection easier for the buyers, Orient Textile has very wisely assigned different names to different types of embroidered itmes. For instance, all the items adorned with appliqué work are named as Black Ogie, all the items in which Ajark print has been used along with embroidery are named as Ajrak Style, all the items embellished with embroidered neckline and front are named as Buttercup, and the name Red Rose has been assigned to all the items which are adorned with hand embroidery So beautify your outward self with the help of Orient and secure your place in your world with unshattering aplomb.

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