Orient Textile Pure Chiffon Collection Summer 2015 Vol.3

A few decades earlier different manufactures used to produce lawn fabric just to provide comfort in summer to their customers and nobody used to wear the dresses made of lawn in different parties and functions. Now our designers and manufacturers have discovered various ways through which a simple lawn dress can be converted into a gorgeous fancy dress which can be proved perfectly fit for any function or party held in the hot summer season. For instance, they have started to embellish lawn dresses with different types of alluring embroidered patterns and they have started to add gorgeous and shiny chiffon and silk chiffon Dupattas with lawn dresses. Orient Textile’s recently released volume (Orient Textile Summer 2015 Vol. 3 ) is a superb example of this practice as this volume has carried with itself a remarkably awesome collection composed of elegantly designed three piece items which are provided with a nicely printed and elegantly embroidered lawn shirt, a magnificent jacquard plazoo and an exclusively alluring and noticeably shimmering gorgeous silk chiffon Dupatta. This collection has been put forth by the manufacturer under the head of Orient Textile Pure Chiffon Collection.
For the convenience of their customers, designers have distributed the whole collection into different groups and each group consists of two or three items characterized by almost identical features. For instance, all the items which have been grouped together as White Stitch are looking awesome with floral cum bohemian prints and intricately embroidered delicate patterns on the fronts of shirts. All the items which are falling under the category named Paisley Charm, are characterized by beautiful embroidery on shirts and lovely paisley patterns nicely printed on the backs of shirts and Dupattas. All the items which have been put forth under the head of Double Ikat, are provided with extra piece of lovely embroidered bordered on gorgeous tissue fabric. All the items called Black Wave have shirts embellished with lovely embroidery on fronts and furnished with extra embroidered borders. All the items which have been produced under the title of All Over Roses, are looking really cool with lovely soft shades of pink and turquoise , nicely printed small floral patterns, embroidered applique neck on shirt and 9 glimmering buttons. So, adorn your outward self with elegant items Orient Textile has brought for you in its Orient Pure Chiffon Collection and become a woman of accomplishment in the regard of your friends, family members and colleagues.

Summer Dresses With Silk Chiffon Dupattas and Jacquard Plazoo – Orient Pure Chiffon Collection Summer 2015 Vol.3

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