Orient Kurti Collection 2015-16 for Spring/Summer

Orient Kurti Kaleidoscope Collection 2015: As I have mentioned in my previous post that Orient Textile Mills is getting amazing popularity both in Pakistan and abroad because of its high quality product. Its newly brought summer Kurti items (tunics ) made of lawn and nicely woven jacquard fabric are being liked extensively in many countries especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and UAE . These Orient Textile Printed Summer Kurtis For Women are not only remarkably comfortable to be used in summer but at the same time, very well printed and decorated with various exclusively nice embroidery styles, decorative buttons and appliqués etc. As the features of all the embroidered items I have describe in my earlier post Orient Kaleidoscope Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015, the current post I intend to dedicate in describing the features of rest of the items (printed items). Like embroidered items, printed items too in the same collection can be divided into two main categories. In one category, we can put all the items made of lawn fabric while in the second category, there can be placed all the items made of high quality jacquard fabric. Though designers have not used any sort of embroidery to decorate these items, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to put up with clothing that is carrying little or no attraction with itself. These Orient Kurti 2015 are of course, characterized by very intricate and prominent floral, geometrical, graveyard and abstract prints. For instance, all the items which have been brought under the name of Dotted Line are looking really beautiful with very prominent floral cum geometrical print on dark green dotted base . All the kurtis brought out under the head of Blue Ribbon are giving very stylish but earnest look with the prominence of black and white. All the items under the head of Multi Grey are provided with front and back of the Kurti made of nicely woven jacquard fabric while sleeves made of soft and fine lawn fabric. Further, In Orient Summer Kurti Collection 2015 there have been added some beautiful decorative buttons which are of course, well matched with the Kurtis and giving these kurtis a remarkably breathtaking look.

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