Orient Chiffly Embroidered Kurti Collection Summer 2015 Vol.3

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Sometime people find it extremely difficult to buy dresses according to their choice during shopping and they get noticeably flustered and confused. This situation often occurs when they have to face short variety and limited options. That’s probably the same reason because of which some large textile producing units (including Alkaram Studio, Gul Ahmed, Dawood Textile, Ittehad Textile and Orient Textile etc ) in Pakistan always try to put forth tremendous volumes composed of large and impressive varieties of shirt pieces, two piece items and three piece items etc. In fact, large variety always creates a positive impact upon customers’ psych and gives them a kind of triumphal delight of successful shopping expedition. Well, here I have a good news for all the female friends of mine who love to wear beautifully embroidered and comfortable lawn Kurtis in summer and are currently making plans for shopping. Yes, the news is deserved to be called good because it is about a tremendous volume released by one of the most famous innovation seeker organization Orient Textile. This volume has been released yesterday under the head of Orient Textile Summer 2015 Vol.3. In this volume there have been added three major collections including Chiffly Embroidered Kurtis Collection, Pure Chiffon Collection and 2 Piece Lawn Embroidered Collection. Out of these three collections, Chiffly Embroidered Kurtis Collection is really enormous and composed of a huge variety of elegant summer Kurtis.
As this collection is really enormous, so it is extremely difficult to describe the features of all the items included in it in a single post. That is precisely why, I have decided to divide this collection into several parts and the features of each part will be described in a separate post. In the the current post I am going to describe the features of all the items which have been produced under the titles of Anchor, Block Print, Ralli, Suzani Style and Tree Flower. Well, all the items which have been produced under the head of Anchor are characterized by medium sized squares printed on off-white elegant base and provided with magnificent embroidered border. All the items which are carrying the name Ralli are looking awesome with dark and bright shades of blue, orange and brown, lovely batik prints and elegant hand embroidery. All the items under the head of Tree Flower are looking really cool with magnificent floral pattern embroidered on the front and printed on the back with remarkable sophistication. All the items called Block Print are embellished with intricately embroidered neckline and eye catching geometrical prints while, the items called Suzani Style are looking really alluring with strikingly lovely bohemian patterns embroidered nicely on the fronts. So enjoy shopping without getting bored or being flustered.

Kurti  From Orient Summer 2015 Vol.3 Chiffly Embroidered Kurti Collection

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