Noor by Saadia Asad Fall/Winter Pret Collection 2015-16

Designer Saadia Asad Noor Fall/Winter Digital Pret Collection 2015-16 for Women

Designer Saadia Asad Noor Digital Pret Collection 2015-16 for Women – Saadia Asad is vibrant and bold trendsetter designer of Pakistan. Her way to describe every seasonal fashion trend of Pakistan is really admiring. Because alluring color schemes, bold and brave prints over the fabrics and glossy embellishments are key of her designs beauty. One can’t ignore the dress of Saadia Asad if once they look at. And here latest winter collection is deviance of her glamorous design theory. Saadia Asad believes in ‘Beauty surrounds us but usually we need to be walking in the garden to know it’ and her designs clearly reflect that. She has made us aware that to look beautiful we need to wear extraordinary rich dress. If we want to strive on top of the fashion then we should keep a style that consists on diverse designs. And in Latest winter digital pret collection is reflection of Saadia Asad words in practical way. In which she explored the cultural, eras, arts, architecture, gardens and royal courts and made a fashion that deserve to be call as style.

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