Nishat Linen Naqsh Mens Eid Collection 2015

Nishat Linen Naqsh Mens Kurta Shalwar Eid Collection 2015

Nishat Linen Naqsh Mens Kurta Shalwar Eid Collection 2015Nishat Textile deals not only with feminine clothing but at the same time it is famous for the production of masculine clothing too. In order to put forth new and elegant designs in masculine Kurtas and Shalwar Suits, Nishat Textile introduced a brand named  Naqsh a few years earlier.  Now this brand has gained immense popularity among all the enthusiastic fans of eastern masculine attire and of course,  is being  regarded as an emblem of quality and innovation. As Eid festival is not far away and most of the Pakistani men and boys love to wear   Shalwar Suits and Kurtas instead of western suits whenever it comes to celebrate Eid or any other religious festival, Nishat Textile has decided to  put forth some elegant and sumptuous Kurta designs  for men under the banner of Naqsh Eid Collection 2015.

Though, Naqsh Eid Collection 2015 is composed of just six items so far, but its size is likely to be increased later. A few items in this collection are made of  nicely woven jacquard fabric, some are made of 100% pure dyed cotton yarn while the rest are made of printed Latha fabric. Though, almost all the items in this collection have been designed in  the same way with traditional cut, band collars and front placket opening but in some cases you can see light embroidery on the collars which is making the very item a bit more fancy looking. Further, these items are available in different beautiful colors which are indeed remarkably popular among the eastern men of all age groups  including blue, light grey, beige, black, turquoise and light brown. So make a plan for early shopping and have an upscale and sumptuous appearance while celebrating oncoming Eid festival.

Elegant Specimens Of Eastern Masculine Clothing From  Naqsh  Eid Collection 2015 By Nishat Textile

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