Nimsay Unstitched Linen 2015-16 for Winter

December is ahead which means cold breeze, rains, fog, snowy mornings and dark evenings are going to intensify the weather. There was a time when people became restricted to stay in homes with the arrival of winter season because of the fallen of temperature below than minus degree centigrade. Such weather created a lot of difficulties for the mankind to continue their daily activity and survival of living being seemed to be in danger because of freezing temperature. Advancement in textile industry made it possible for us to welcome winter season and its essential components like dry winds, rains, snowy mornings and dark evenings, with warm feelings and excitements. Now we can feel pleasure in winter weather because Pakistani textile industry and designer are putting forward their best effort to produce such kind of dresses; by wearing which we can feel cozy and comfortable in chilled climate.

Nimsay is one of the famous fashion brands in textile industry of Pakistan whose designers are endeavoring to capture the market through its incredible working patterns. Now let’s move toward our today’s point of discussion which is also relating to Nimsay, as Nimsay has thrown another winter collection for the fashionable ladies under the umbrella of Ready to wear and unstitched Linen & Khaddar Collection 2015-16. This beautiful catalog includes limited range of embroidered linen dresses that are designed for both casual and formal needs of winter days. Mostly dresses are adorned with rich stuff such as velvet embellishments, zari embroideries and colourful thread work have been done on the shirts.

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