New Simple and Stylish Abaya Collection 2015-2016

New Simple and Stylish Abaya Collection 2015-2016

Abaya Collection 2015-2016: Today abaya have emerged in society as most fashionable attire. Muslim women’s in different parts of the globe like to wear abaya dress to cover up their body. They want new designs of abayas to flatter their looks and represent as style statement. No doubt, latest variety of abayas in different shades and textures available in markets; which will definitely make them glamorous, trendy and very attractive. As we understands, that the style conscious girls are no longer satisfied with the typical and out dated abayas. Actually they want new, modern and fresh styles to walk confidently. So here is new range of Dubai, Saudi and Irani abayas for you. Here you can find plenty of abayas that have been adorned with embroidery and fabric manipulation techniques. To offer incredible comfort in New Simple and Stylish Abaya Designs, designer has picked Jersey fabric and unique draping with adorable twist. These exquisite abaya or jubah looks great and one can adopt it for any season of the year. During winter, you can pair some woolen pashmina, stoles or scarves with it. When it is hot, you can try matching chiffon cloth made hijab or any other sheer and synthetic materials. Although now cotton, silk, satin, polyester, rayon and chiffon abayas consider as old fashioned. So try jersey abayas with multicolored scarves to walk proudly with new fashion.

New Simple and Stylish Abaya Fashion 2015-16

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