Maria B Winter Lenin Dresses 2015-2016 with Shawls

Maria b is ideal when you want to buy fashionable dresses in Pakistan. Her trendy and classic formula is best for every women though she is modern or classy. Because Maria b designer creates every dresses with exuberant confidence and offers you a fashion that remain for long time and you feel fresh whenever you wear it. Maria b is successful name of Pakistani fashion whose contribution is guarantee of fame of any design. Her collaboration with Reshma Textile has boomed the fashion and crossed the boundaries of every country. Especially their long lineage of winter and summer in lawn and linen dresses has played vital role to award honor and leading place.
Thus once again we can find Reshma Textile and Maria b together in winter linen dresses collection 2015-2016. In which every article is individually designed and strikingly different. On linen, Maria b introduced shawl combination to add a phenomenal touch. The designs of Maria b linen 2015-16 are quite attractive with hint of innovation and uniqueness in color, prints and embroidery. Further addition of bold with subtle and radiant color palettes has made the winter shawl dresses in maria b linen more diverse and exceptional. Overall Maria b linen winter catalog is luxurious addition and you can opt it for winter evenings, parties and formal events. So book it now and get your dress on 28th November in prices of 7500 from Efashionstream Shop.

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