Maria. B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2015

All the festivals which have anything to do with religion literally  have great importance in human lives and usually nobody denies this importance by ignoring these festivals. Like the followers of many other religions, followers of Islam too, love to celebrate their religious festival with great zeal and fervor. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azah are two most important festivals which each and every Muslim enjoys a lot through different ways. For instance, it is to wear new and expensive cloths on Eid is one of the most common ways to express joy for this beautiful and holy occasion. Of course, these days when the  month of Ramadan is  going on with it’s usual fast pace, different people’s, especially women’s, enthusiasm  toward Eid dresses is not hidden from anybody’s eyes. That is precisely why, our talented designers  are extremely busy in preparing and designing beautiful  and stylish dresses for them so that they  could have a nice and perfect Eid festival  by assuming satisfactory looks. Our favorite and Pakistan’s first  official Swarovski integrated branding partner Maria. B has made all the necessary preparations to launch an awesome Eid collection under the title of Maria. B Mbroidered  Eid Collection 2015.

Maria. B Mbroidered  Eid Collection 2015 is going to be released online anytime today on June, 24, 2015, while the same collection will be available at all the leading stores from June 26, 2015. This collection is likely to be composed of more than ten  beautifully designed unstitched fancy  dresses. In the preparation of these dresses designers have mainly used different fancy fabrics including Chinese chiffon, organza and silk etc instead of lawn or cotton, while in order to decorate these dresses designers have made really sophisticated use of  magnificent Swarovski Spray and remarkably intricate and prominent embroidered patterns on the fronts and sleeves of the shirts.  Further, a few items in this collection are provided with digitally printed lovely silk Dupattas while the rest are going to be looked awesome with heavily but nicely embroidered Chinese chiffon Dupattas.  In  short, despite being considerably small in size, Maria. B Mbroidered  Eid Collection 2015 is packed with countless lovely features which can make many positive changes in yours outward appearance and make you feel elated upon your own looks.

Heavily Embroidered Magnificent Suits From Maria. B Mbroidered Eid Collection 2015

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