MARIA.B. Digital Prints Ramzan/Eid Collection 2015

Festivals are the most important events if any country or region. As these festivals give us a chance to mingle with our family, friends and relatives. In such festivals and events everyone tries to look best among all others and when it comes to girls they go crazy to look beautiful and expend so much money on it. As we know now a days the festivities of Ramdan Ul Karim and Eid Ul Fitr have been started in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Specially in Pakistan all the festival are celebrated at its best. So for the festival of Eid Ul Fitr our designers are designing special dresses to make your Ramzan and eid more beautiful. eFashionStream have shared many Eid collections with our fans and readers, but today we have brought a collection that is specially designed for the month of Ramadan. It is Maria B Ramzan Collection 2015 that features wide range of three piece lawn dresses that are adorned with chic inspired hues, finest digital prints and rich signature style of Maria.B.
Maria.B has been the most recognized fashion designer all across Pakistan and known for her contemporary designs and attitudes which deals with quality organza with exuberance and aloofness. Well acknowledged for its embroidered capsules which are just as appropriate for any formal and informal occasion. For this approaching Eid-ul-fitr festival, Maria.B has decided to come out with a something special that would made your Ramzan and Eid more revel and memorable. For this, Maria.B has lined up an ethnic contoured couture Maria.B Ramadan Festive Eid Collection 2015 which is delineated upon the festive orientation of Eid. You will find some mouth watering designs if Digital Prints that are unique, decent and look perfect on Ramzan as well as Eid. Try MariaB’s Ramzan Digital Prints 2015 to have a special Ramdan ahead.

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