Mahiymaan Signature Series Eid Collection 2015 by Al-Zohaib

Al-Zohaib Mahiymaan Signature Eid Series 2015:
This summer in general and Eid-ul-fitr in particular, the rise of white family have been observed in the fashion world. Every designer and brand has launched it’s at least one or two collection with the theme based on the whites. Well, yes, white is the eminent of all the colors of summer and it is meant to wear in the summers due to its psychological and physical benefits such as white color scheme is always soothing and cool to our eyes, white color is having a vital role in the mental therapy and purgation, it is heat repelling and won’t feel prickly to the eyes. As we are talking about the bleached colors of white, then how can we forget to mention a graceful collection of the contemporary summer, Al-Zohaib Mahiymaan Lawn 2015 for Eid Ul Fitar. Since white is a conglomeration of all the seven colors which are they part of our mother nature, so if you are wearing white, then it means that you are wearing all the primal colors of the world and there will be added more to it if it is embroidered with the exciting pastel colors.
Al-Zohaib Textiles has come up with such a collection in his Mahiymaan franchise with the caption Al-Zohaib Mahiymaan Signatuire Eid 2015 which is schemed upon the bright and brilliant shades of whites and complimented with the exciting primary and secondary hues of nature. 3 piece westernized plus easternized short/long bordered and center body embroidered chic shirts with lawn inner, along with printed chiffon matching dupattas and bottomed with the cotton dyed straight capris are the significant luxury features of this diverse showcase.

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