Libas Lawn Collection 2015 Vol 2 For Women By Shariq Textiles

Libas means apparel, and gives our personality an identity. Whatever we wear it shows our fashion sense. Today eFashionStream is going to share a special collection of spring and summer season that is launched under the tag of Libas. Yes! you are thinking absolutely right. This is none other than Shariq Textiles Libas Lawn Collection 2015 Vol-2. Libas lawn is a very famous spring and summer lawn by Shariq. Whenever Shariq announce that they are going to reveal Libas Lawn; they get phenomenal response. As libas lawn is considered as one of the top selling lawn in Pakistan. There are many things that are the reason of the fame of this lawn and two of them are designs and price tags. Shariq Textile always price Libas lawn in a very reasonable prices so everyone can afford to buy it. This is the second collection of Libas Spring/Summer Lawn 2015 Vol 2, and it features more then 30 sensational designs of lawn that are filled with traditional designs and vibrant hues.
Shariq has brought some amazing diversity in the designs style of Libas lawn and this time they have introduced some prominent designs instead of finest prints. Like the previous volume was based on only floral prints that were highlighted with neat ad clean prints. While Libas Summer Collection 2015 Vol-2 dresses are adored with various styles of prominent prints. These lawn suits are perfect to be the part of your casual wardrobe as these dresses will not only save you from the heat of the sun but also gives you confident to enjoy your own styles statement.

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