Layla Chatoor La Dolce Vita Eid Luxyrt Pret S-S 2015

Layla Chatoor Eid-Ul-Fitar Luxury Pret 2015:
Designing a pattern of printed lawn does not mean that you have created a masterpiece or you have set up a trend in fashion world because that is an art which everyone can have mastery upon. But the real art and eminence is that you have created a one-of-a-kind piece by using a mundane fabric and gave it a completely new look. eFashionStream have shared many such collections with you that were totally out of the world, and today we have brought another collection but this time this collection is belongs to Eid. Yes! Our very own Layla Chatoor is back in business with her rich and classy designs of La Dolce Vita Eid Luxyrt Pret 2015 for Spring – Summer. As the name telling whole story, in this catalog you will find some very decent and rich designs of luxury pret wear dresses that are designed for the upcoming season of eid. As we all know this year Eid-Ul-Fitar will come in the month of July, So it will not be possible to wear heavy embellished dresses, in this aspect Layla Chatoor Eid Pret 2015 outfits are perfect to wear on the day of Eid to look stylish as well as feel comfortable.
Few days ago, we have seen Layla Chatoor Summer Pret 2015 collection that collection was totally designed in a western style but in Eid Pret Layla has broguht some very sophisticated designs of Eid dresses that will make you shine like a brightest star in any get to gather of Eid. Layla Chatoor Eid La Dolce Vita Pret 2015 features some very modern designs of pret dresses that are made with various fabrics. From Indian chikankari to sheer chiffon and brocade many catchy and easy to carry fabrics are the part of this collection.

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