Latest Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls Designs for Winter 2014-2015

Latest Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls Designs for Winter 2014-2015

Latest Pashmina Shawls Designs for Winter 2014-2015: Let’s experience the new fashion of shawls with guaranteed softness and gorgeous feel. This year the demand of cashmere shawls is slightly rising up because modern techniques has honored new glow and charm to it. Now weaving, dying and printing is much easier and reliable than past and now we can fetch more intricate and stylish designs on any fabrics. Therefore, many products which we used to protect us now have became fashion statement like take a example of Kashmiri shawls. In past it Shawls were important to keep body warm but now it is top selling fashion accessory. You must be thinking why this drastic change happened? This happened because of luxury designs, delicate Art Deco, paisley, tribal, natural and contemporary prints and soulful hues. In old days you only got monochromatic shawls designs but now shawls is colorful and stylish which go with any type of fabric. That is the reason now it has got undeniable identity in fashion. Today, we brought pakistani Kashmiri shawls collection 2014/2015 to keep you up to date about latest shawl trend for fall winter season. These pashmina cashmere shawls have made from four rich fibers like wool, velvet, silk and fur. The designer has added warmth with fur and wool and royalty with silk and softness with velvet. The shawl maker has garnished the shawls with tribal, architecture and Art Deco inspired patterns and colorful match of hues. Further the designer team of Kashmiri shawls collection has highlighted with different type of fancy embroideries. So, Just imagine how it feel when someone admire you for your luxury choice? When you wear a blend of classy and contemporary shawls in winter. This is a chic collection of embroidered & handmade shawls. These shawls are also available in Jamawar straight from the land of Kashmir. The texture and weave of shawls are unique and patterns makes luxurious and beautiful.

Pakistani Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls Collection 2014/15

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