Lala Textile Classic Embroidery Collection 2015 Vol-4

Eid festival not only brings countless happiness along,  but  at the same time, it gives a  really tough time to all the South Asian house wives in the  kitchens because all their loved ones   expect from them to cook delicious cuisines for them. That is precisely why, whenever  comes in summer, this festival makes a host of  South Asian house wives  considerably flustered because it gets extremely difficult for them to spend great amount to their time in the hot kitchens  in summer and  to prepare food for their family members and  guests. In this situation they seek dresses which could give them comfort as well as ravishing looks. Well if you are one among those South Asian housewives whose family members and friends  are expecting from them to prepare delicious food for them and you are looking for beautiful and comfortable dresses to wear on Eid, I have a good news for you. Lala textile is once again going to mesmerize all the lawn as well as embroidery lovers by launching another superb sort of collection which is going to bring a variety of beautiful summer dress which are because of being considerably fancy and comfortable at the same time, might be a perfect choice for use on the oncoming Eid festival especially while serving countless guests at your home in the hot summer afternoons of the three days of Eid. This collection is going to be launched on July 4, 2015 under the head of Lala Classic Embroidery Collection 2015 Vol.4.

In Lala Classic Embroidery Collection  2015 Vol.4,  Lala Textile is about to present almost  twenty four lovely summer dresses which are likely to be composed of  nicely printed lawn Dupattas,  printed trousers and  lawn shirts which are looking elegant with embroidered necklines, prominently printed Damaans and in some cases, beautifully embroidered back and front motifs. Further, in the printed patterns which have been used in this  collection , you can notice the overwhelming presence of sub continental paisley, Indonesian batik, as well as Indus valley  graveyard art. Moreover, all the color combinations are nice and showing the untiring creative efforts of the designers hired by Lala Textle.  So grab any dress of your choice from Lala Classic Embroidery Collection 2015 Vol. 4 and serve your guests conveniently on Eid day without endangering your lovely appearance.

Comfortable & Fancy Lawn Dress From Lala Classic Embroidery Collection 2015

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