Khaddi Two Piece Handwoven Cotton Collection 2015

Khaddi Two Piece Handwoven Cotton Collection 2015

Though, cotton is a fabric that is most commonly used in Pakistan in all the seasons of the year, but most of the women who feel extremely irritated in the hot weather of May, June and July often show great reluctance to buy and wear outfits made of cotton in summer. Well that’s their compulsion and they have every right to select outfits for their personal use according to their own choice and convenience, but if you are among the women who spend most of their time in fully air conditioned house or office in summer, you may confidently choose the dresses made of slightly thick but excessively nice looking cotton fabric. This summer, Khaddi has produced some remarkably elegant hand-woven two piece cotton dresses for women which are of course, very cautiously designed for the use in summer.
In these items, designers have successfully managed to fill good amount of elegance and charm by showing their excellence in combining different beautiful colors and generating awesome color combinations. As beige and turquoise are the two colors which, with little manipulation begin to illustrate tranquility of the summer noon and serenity of the still water, designers have made the best use of these two colors here in this collection to create the impression of tranquility and serenity. Further, along with beige and turquoise, you can find here exclusively cool and fresh looking leaf green and aqua too. Moreover, all the shirts here are very well embellished with gorgeous and intricate embroidered floral as well as striped patterns on the neckline and front and making these items more beautiful and magnificent. So, wear cotton dresses in summer really confidently and add a tranquil and serene charm in your personality.

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