Khaddi Lawn 2015 Volume 2 Lawn Dresses For Women

Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol.2

If you are a typical South Asian house wife and spend most of your time at home doing daily and non-stop home chores including cooking, cleaning and washing etc,  and do not bother to wrap a big cloth around yourself as Dupatta on twenty four hours a day, you will must like the elegant two piece lawn dresses brought by  Khaddi Lawn in its recently released volume under the title of Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol 2.

Lovely Two Piece Item From Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol.2

In this volume, along with a host of magnificent three pieces and four piece items, there have been included almost thirty eight remarkably stylish two piece lawn dresses too. These two piece items are undoubtedly, exclusively alluring by look and made of outstanding quality lawn fabric so carrying a good amount of elegance, beauty and comfort along for all the women who are going to put these dresses on.  All the shirts available with these two piece items, are characterized by either a good length of 3 or 3.5 meters , while there is available with each such item a  2.5 meter superb quality dyed fabric for shalwar or trouser. In order to make these items beautiful and stylish, designers have made  extremely sophisticated use of floral, geometrical and  Islamic patterns as well as a complicated art which seems an awesome combination of the traditional  batik art of Indonesia and extremely sophisticated  Ajrak art of Sindh.  Morever, some of the items here are very nicely embellished with exclusively classy embroidery and as blue color has been declared as favorite in 2015 by some of the fashion icons,  you can see a pleasant addition of blue with a host of other vibrant colors in most of these items .

So  adorn your outward self with two piece elegant items brought by Khaddi Lawn in its recently released volume, and keep your first hand appearance perfectly intact while performing your daily home chores.

Two Piece Lawn Dresses From Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol.2


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