Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol-2 Formal Dresses

Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol-2 Formal Dresses

Dupatta is considered an essential part of the clothing of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi women in some form or the other. Most of the women in this region prefer to wear Dupatta with their full consent whenever they go outside their homes in front of a host of unknown male strangers. Perhaps, that’s the same reason because of which three piece and four piece dresses are very popular among most of the working women belonging to these three countries. These dresses are not only beautiful and comfortable, but at the same time, have a bit mysterious ability to render an earnest and dignified look to the users. This intense likeness for such dresses is not at all hidden from the keenest regard of our discerning textile producing organizations and these are the very organizations which have made different types of three piece and four piece dresses available in bulk anywhere and everywhere. Khaddi is one among such organizations which have excelled in the production of three piece and four piece clothing items for women. For instance , this organization has recently launched an awesome volume under the head of Khaddi Lawn 2015 Vol. 2, which is composed of a host of two piece, three piece and four piece lawn dresses for women. I have already described the features of all the two piece items of this volume in my earlier post Khaddi Lawn 2015 Volume 2 (Two Piece Lawn Dresses For Women) and in the current post, I am going to describe all the three piece and four piece items which have been included in the same volume briefly.

Almost all the available three piece as well as four piece items in this volume have shirts with heavily embellished fronts by exclusively refined sort of embroidered patterns. Mostly in the three piece items designers have preferred to use excessively vibrant shades of different primary as well as secondary colors (e.g. excessively bright shades of red, orange, yellow, turquoise, and green etc), while in case of four piece items, designers have mostly preferred soft and light shade of various color with the exception of scarlet red. Further, most the four piece items in this volume are furnished with fine and gorgeous high quality chiffon Dupattas while with all the three piece items there have been included soft and nice lawn Dupattas. These beautifully printed and magnificenty emboridered colorful lawn dresses are no doubt representing very well refined taste and a typical dignified appearence of South working Asian women.

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