Khaadi Ode to Flora Winter Dresses Collection 2015-16

Go voguish this fall with the rising and sneak peak crisp of the proven timeless wardrobe collection of Khaadi Winter – Ode to Flora 2015, a stylish treat to celebrate the winter spice. I love autumn! This is the expression of every women who were supposed to be praising spring all the time for its life rendering colors and cursing winters for not rendering the lively colors of summers, instead having being distorting our wardrobe collection with the neutrally gloomy and mournful shades of blacks, grey, brown and rustic tinctures.

The remarkable embroidery impressions on the stretching palates of necklines and body along with the damans are holding an array of subtleness with the plackets and floral needle work on the shirts with the mufflers and chiffon dupattas. The cotton polyester viscose stuff of shirts is embraced under the incorporation of earthy are recurring prints.
Khaadi Winter Collection 2015 is going to make you a maiden drawn out in an poetic ode of beauty this winter.

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