Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2015 Best Lawn Dresses

A few days earlier when it was announced by the representatives of Khaadi that this organization has made all the necessary preparation to launch an awesome as well as tremendous Eid collection, most of our female friends began to wait for it really enthusiastically.  Of course, I know a few women personally who postponed their shopping program till the final release of that collection. At last, wait is over and the collection called Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2015 has been released to mesmerize countless fans and customers. Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2015 is a really tremendous collection by size and composed of almost sixty five beautifully designed lawn dresses which can be categorized as two piece items, three piece items and four piece items.

In the category called two piece, there have been included twenty unstitched lawn dresses which are composed of a shirt and a trouser. A few shirts which have been added in two piece items are looking remarkably lovely with stylish embroidered patterns on fronts, while the rest are despite being utterly deprived of any sort of embroidered embellishment looking almost equally cool because of the exclusively chic sort of prints and alluring color combinations. In the second category called three piece, there have been included nineteen astonishingly lovely items which are provided with a nicely printed or embroidered lawn shirt,  an elegant  Dupatta made of either lawn of chiffon fabric and a dyed trouser. Further, like two piece items, in three piece items too, you can find dresses with or without embroidered embellishment. In the fourth category, there are available twenty six really mesmerizing sort of four piece lawn dresses which are composed of  an intricately embroidered beautiful shirt, a nicely dyed trouser or Shalwar, a remarkably alluring sort of printed chiffon Dupatta and a piece of magnificently printed glimmering silk fabric which is supposed to be used for the adornment of sleeves edges, border of the shirt of and side panels.

Moreover, dresses in this collection are available in countless dark, light and medium shades of various beautiful colors which are combined with awesome traditional cum modern printed patterns dragging this collection toward the acme of perfection. So have a perfect Eid festival  by assuming a remarkably captivating appearance with the help of breathtaking dresses designed and produced by Khaadi.

Four Piece Lawn Dresses From Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2015

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