Ittehad Crystal Lawn Collection 2015-2016

Crystal Lawn by Ittehad Textile 2015 with Price: Fashion industry is like a galaxy and our designers and manufacturers are like thousands of shimmering stars grouped together painting a dazzling and dreamy picture of glamour and elegance. In this galaxy, each and every star always remains busy in trying to surpass the rest in sheen and brightness. Yes competition always remains tough among all the designers and manufacturers when it comes to produce high quality product on low cost and to make it available in the market at reasonable rates, so that, customers belonging to all the classes of the society could find it within their reach so could extract happiness from it. Well, it is to provide high quality product at low price is a formula through which any manufacture can win the hearts and love of thousands of customers and of course, this formula is being very well followed by House Of Ittehad. Ittehad Crystal Lawn Collection 2015-2016 features beautiful and flawless printed three piece lawn dresses, which are of course available in the market at amazingly low prices. Though this volume is not composed of embroidered lawn dresses, you are going to find each and every item here printed with extreme sophistication and seems almost as much beautiful as any embroidered dress usually does. These items are provided with three elegant pieces including a nicely printed piece for shirt with the good length of three meters , an equally nicely printed piece as Dupatta with the length of 2.5 meters and a 2.5 meters nicely dyed piece for Shalwar or trouser. In this Ittehad Crystal Lawn Spring/Summer Collection 2015 designers have combined remarkably soft shades of some specific colors with the extremely vibrant shades of some other colors to generate different types of alluring and eye catching prints. Further, they have made successful attempt to combine different types of old and traditional patterns together to generate something new and stylish to satisfy their customers and to make them happy.

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