Indian Kalamkari Saree Collection 2015-2016 for Girls

Indian Kalamkari Saree Collection 2015-2016 for Girls

Kalamkari Saree design is very old style, it is a precious and time consuming handicrafts which is popular in India to decorate bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions and clothes. In early ages, the kalamkari artist has created embroidery on salwar suits with other stuff but recently a new fashion designer experimented kalamkari art on Saree blouses in “Indian Kalamkari Saree Collection 2015-2016“.Kalamkari is colorful thread work which usually draw-able on phulkari patterns. But with advancement of technology and modernity have extended the patterns of kalamkari embroideries. Now it is fetch-able on any shape and in any style. Let’s look at kalamkari Saree collection 2015-2016, in which the designer has creatively illustrated the ethnic features and classy appeal of kalamkari embroidery. With floral sample the designer has used goddess, ancient faces, peacock, elephant and other birds or nature inspired samples in remarkable standard. These kalamkari Saree blouses designs include multi color wool thread work in very decent way. The maker of kalamkari Saree 2015-16 has used silk, charmeuse silk fabric for rich and royal sense. Further, they highlighted the edges and pallu with heavy decoration to make kalamkari silk Saree fashion more reliable then ever. We know you have seen many Saree designs but the beauty which latest Indian Saree blouse carries with kalamkari embroidery to really amazing. Because it added grace, class and dignity in simple sarees very uniquely and highlighted pallu and borders with colors and art. However, the blouses are simple but perfectly balancing the charm of Saree.

Kalamkari Saree Designs 2015-2016

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