Humayun Alamgir Eid Menswear Collection 2015 With Wahab Riaz

Humayun Alamgir Eid Menswear Collection 2015 With Wahab Riaz

Only a few people in the world are born with any specific God gifted creative talent which makes them different from the other people. Our dear Humayun  Alamgir is considerably different from the other people  because he  happened to be extremely conscious about men’s looks  and has been proved lucky enough  by birth to have a solid sense to manipulate those looks really successfully and to transform them into as charming as of any famous movie star. Yes, we can say so  in favor of Humayun Alamgir  simply because from the designing of Eastern  grooms’ wear to formal as well as casual Kurats and Shalwar suits and from the western suits to stylish jackets and footwear, he has displayed his unprecedented talent in all the domains of masculine fashion. For the oncoming Eid festival, like  a host of other designers Humayun Alamgir too, has made several plans to dazzle his countless fans and customers through his trendy collections and his recently launched Eid collection called Humayun Alamgir Eid Collection 2015 is a part of those plans.

In Humayun Alamgir Eid Collection 2015 you will happily find a dozen  meticulously designed Shalwar suits which are characterized by perfectly eastern cuts and modish trimming. Designer has certainly paid great amount of heed in the designing of plackets, collars, and sleeves of the shirts because almost each and every shirt in this collection seems to have overwhelmed with  the prominent designs of  plackets, necklines, sleeves and collars. A few suits in this collection are provided with elegant waist coats which are made of magnificent Jamawar fabric while the items with shirts having heavily embroidered necklines and embroidered back motifs are also available in the same collection. In order to satisfy his customers, designer has made available stylish dresses in a good number of  the beautiful and sumptuous masculine colors e.g. black, white, grey, cobalt blue, pinkish grey, indigo, dark brown and summer blue etc.  So make a sensible selection for your Eid dress as soon as possible and don’t forget to think about elegant collection meticulously  designed by Humayun Alamgir.

Shalwar Suits For Men With Eastern Cuts And Nice Trimming From Humayun Alamgir Eid Collection 2015 With Wahab Riaz


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